Sugarbowl Show!

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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of update and also for this half update. Anyways I re-put up some pieces from the “Where are you from?” Show with a bunch of new stuff as well. Come down to the Sugarbowl and take a look! To purchase and to see all the prints, visit It’s not the prettiest website but it had to be done.



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Thanks 2009

So 2010 is starting out with a bang! the AGA has asked me to do a “participatory” art installation for one of their opening events “Refinery” is what it’s called, and the ever-so-awesome Amy Fung ( named  me one of the artists that made a difference in 2009, check out the article in Vue! I will keep you posted on my projects as they come to fruition.
Also new in store, Kirsten McCrea of Papirmasse, your mailer art monthly, will be using the “Where are you from” albums for a future Papirmasse issue. I don’t know where she is going with it because she is changing the format I hear, but I can tell you it’s going to be awesome, even the Walrus online says so. If you haven’t heard of it yet, please check it out and support. 
Also in other great news, “We Eat Together” was apparently number one in non-fiction sales in the Edmonton Journal’s book list for the week of Jan 2nd! Thanks Steph for letting me know, and double special thanks to Crystal who told the Edmonton Public Library to carry the book, which they said yes to.Also, an awesome and most lovely swedish lady gave me a list of cool stores in Stockholm and Copenhagen. I am sharing with you guys that list because it is great.

some stores:
fashion: (i know, denmark but copenhagen is amazing)
and cooking:

Awesome awesome and more awesome. Thank you to all you guys who made 2009 spectacular, to all those who participated in and checked out the poster show, to the cookbook and to also all you guys who supported my blockhead project. Edmonton is number one in my books, and you guys make it all the better.


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I have no idea why I haven’t uploaded this yet, considering the event is tomorrow.


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I did these bw images for Josh’s and Genevieve’s zine, Internation Beauty Saloon. The theme was “space”.

Cookbook in Vue!

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Hey guys, check out our article in this weeks Vue magazine! 
web version is pretty sweet too,

CookBook Project

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For those who don’t know yet. I am working on a cookbook with the amazing Julianna Mimande, who owned the restaurant BACON and the incredible photographer Zach Ayotte. The book is about people and food and putting a face to the people who produce it. It’s been the best project I have ever worked on and I am insanely excited about it. Check out for a tiny bit of info, the blog and preorders. We travelled to the farms of many Downtown Farmer Market Merchants and asked them about their philosophies, stories and recipes, took great pictures and it was the biggest learning experience I’ve ever had. Zach has put on some great pics on the blog, so do check it out. My friend Steph Chan and I are designing it and it will be ready this Christmas!

Santa Fe Reporter Cover

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I got a gig for the Santa Fe Reporter, and I think I put out something that I’m quite happy with. Angela Moore, the art director kind of let me do my thing, and it was a great opportunity. The piece is about domestic abuse in richer neighbourhoods and how it is often overlooked, because it looks good on the outside, I think the piece is entitled the Gilded Cage.

Public Art Grant!

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HOLY SCHMOLY, I got a public art grant! It’s for TWO transit stations. I attached parts of the proposal for you all to take a look. I am more excited than anyone in the world, well except for new mothers and fathers, that’s pretty huge. Thanks Sarah for telling me to do this, otherwise I would really not have known. I included some of pics in my proposal that she took of my chalk piece, the huge double headed worm stretching from one side of the street to the other let them know that I ain’t kidding round. Thanks to the Edmonton Arts Council for picking me.

CJSR Backdrop

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CJSR backdropI did a great backdrop for CJSR’s 25th anniversary party, or something like that, it was at the end of the fundrive that’s all I know. You should check them out on facebook or online, they are a great campus radio station. I also attached an old backdrop I did awhile ago, thanks to Karen for the pics. Both of them are 7×9 feet.

bunny1 Magic at home

Poplar & Pine Poster Show

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So it’s been awhile since any updates, and I’m sure you are all ready to hear what I have to say (hardly).
Anyways for you who don’t know, I  put together a show for with 26 illustrators/designers/photographers from  across Canada at the Artery and it was great. So many people helped me out and it was great, the show set up, the music, the books, marketing and the great catering. And thanks to all you who came out and big big thanks to all the artists that participated.

I’ve attached some of the media stuff that came out, all except the CBC spot. Skewed magazine has some great pics of the show ( which I’ve attached to the post, but do take a look, it’s an excellent show. 

I’m still trying to find time to make the website, but in the meantime, visit for the artist list. If you still want the book or a poster, contact me! Oh and I included my poster on there because of course I have to show my poster.